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SAMPLE Sleep Tracker Smart Ring for Interested Sole Trader Retail BUSINESS OWNERS

SAMPLE Sleep Tracker Smart Ring for Interested Sole Trader Retail BUSINESS OWNERS

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We are no longer restocking sleep tracking smart rings once we've sold our current stock but we're going to be making available a few licensing deals available where we license a few SOLE TRADERS the use of our smart ring trademarks and sales listing for use on eBay, TikTok, Amazon, Etsy and your own website in the UK. 

Those who secure one of the limited licenses in future will receive our manufacturer details to have smart rings made to sell at online UK marketplaces.

So if this is of interest to you and you like the sleep tracking smart ring and want a MASSIVE DISCOUNT for the same smart ring listed for £150 - £300 on our site, grab one of the samples while they are available.

The only difference between the sample smart ring and the other smart rings we have listed is you won't receive your smart ring in a box like in the images.

Your smart ring will be sent with no packaging in a poly mailer bag with its charger and instructions since this is as sample for those interested in selling smart rings as SOLE TRADERS and keeping all the profit they make while holding a distribution license.

Discover Unmatched sleep tracking with the 2024 Black Sleep Tracker Smart Ring: Elegance Meets Innovation in Health Monitoring

Introducing the 2024 Black Sleep Tracker Smart Ring, a groundbreaking device that sets a new standard in the health and wellness tech space.

Designed for those who seek an effective, yet unobtrusive way to monitor their health, this smart ring offers a sophisticated alternative to the traditional, often cumbersome wrist-worn devices.

With its focus on comfort, precision, and style, it is tailored to fit the lifestyle of modern individuals who demand both functionality and elegance from their wellness tools. Here's what makes this smart ring a must-have for anyone serious about their health and fitness goals:

Exceptional Features for Exceptional Users:

  • Next-Generation Sleep Tracking: Experience sleep monitoring like never before, free from the discomfort and disturbances of wrist-bound devices.
  • Accurate Health Data from Your Finger: Get reliable readings on vital signs such as heart rate, blood oxygen, and temperature, directly and comfortably.
  • Personalized Fitness and Recovery Analytics: Designed with the active user in mind, it provides comprehensive insights into physical recovery and health metrics critical for optimizing your fitness journey.
  • Ultra-Sleek Design for the Modern Individual: Its minimalist design, featuring a slim 2.5mm thickness and 8.0mm width, ensures it complements any outfit or occasion.
  • Innovative and Sustainable Packaging: Comes with an NFC-enabled ring box for accessing digital instructions, highlighting our pledge to sustainability.
  • Full Integration with its own Apps: Effortlessly syncs with select apps on Android and iOS, offering a seamless way to view and manage your health data.

Enhance Your Health with Our Exclusive Apps: Unlock the full capabilities of your 2024 Black Sleep Tracker Smart Ring with these top-tier apps, providing you with an all-encompassing view of your wellness:

  • SoPlus Ring App
  • Smart Ring App
  • SoPlus App

These platforms are your gateway to understanding your sleep patterns, monitoring your recovery, and keeping tabs on your vital health statistics, thus empowering you to live your best life.

Inside Your Package:

  • The sleek Black Smart Ring Sleep Tracker
  • An NFC-integrated Smart Ring Box for easy, digital access to instructions
  • A Magnetic Charging USB Cable for hassle-free charging

Why Choose the 2024 Black Sleep Tracker Smart Ring?

  • Superior Comfort & Discretion: Enjoy the freedom of monitoring your health without the bulk or bother of traditional devices.
  • Cutting-Edge Accuracy: Trust in the highest precision with sensor technology that captures vital health metrics directly from your finger.
  • For the Health-Conscious Athlete: Access detailed activity tracking and health insights that cater to your active lifestyle, helping you stay ahead of the game.
  • Fashion-Forward Technology: This smart ring is not just a wellness device but also a statement piece, designed to blend seamlessly with any personal style.
  • Commitment to the Environment: Make a choice that's good for your health and the planet with our eco-friendly, digital-first approach.

Limited Edition - Don't Miss Out! The 2024 Black Sleep Tracker Smart Ring is offered in a limited release, ensuring that those who wear it are among a select group privy to the future of wellness technology.

Disclaimer: This smart ring is a pioneering tool for wellness and fitness monitoring, not intended as a medical device. Consultation with a healthcare professional is recommended for any health-related concerns.

Take control of your wellness journey now. Purchase the 2024 Black Sleep Tracker Smart Ring today, and step into a world where health monitoring is synonymous with style and sophistication.

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