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Emergency Smart Ring with Panic Button Smart Home Panic Alarm Trigger

Emergency Smart Ring with Panic Button Smart Home Panic Alarm Trigger

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Emergency situation Smart Ring for pressing to dial your phone in an emergency situation to notify someone you need help or trigger actions discreetly on your smartphone like recording audio to use as evidence.

Simply choose the contact number you want to have the ring call from your mobile when pressed and you have an always on hand emergency contact solution.

Using the android app with this smart ring you can even link a few actions to be triggered from your smart ring when a button is pressed. 

Any action that can be triggered from your smartphone can be mapped to a button press from the smart ring.

Watch the demo video on this listing and you will see how I have a ring mapped to a few actions that set off an alarm in an emergency for my mum.

The emergency smart ring will work within bluetooth range of your smartphone.

You need to install the android app to use with this ring to trigger custom actions, this ring doesn't work with iOS devices only android smartphones.


These TUITT® (Emergency Edition) can't be purchased anywhere else as they are hand made specifically for SIMEON TUITT and his family, and he had a few different sizes made for the TUITT family to pick their own size. 

As a result of having these TUITT® (Emergency Situation Edition) rings made, there are a few extra TUITT® smart rings available which you can order through this listing.

Once the limited number of TUITT® smart rings are gone you won't be able to return to this listing to get one, so order one of the TUITT® smart rings right now.

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